Chefs Appetizers

Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Fresh Fruit Display
Assorted Cheeses and Crackers
Tomato Basil Bruschetta
Teriyaki Chicken Drummettes
Cocktail Sausages in a BBQ Sauce
Spinach Artichoke Dip w Corn Chips
Buffalo Hot Wings
Fresh Veggie Tray w/ Ranch
Chips and Salsa w/ Cream Cheese
Strawberries in a Chocolate Fondue
French Bread and Chimichurri Sauce
Roasted Pepper Pesto w/ Sourdough
Confectionary Cream Puffs

Upscale Appetizers

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
Skewered Sweet Onions With Shrimp
Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp In A
Curry, Bbq Or Orange Dill Sauce
Crab Cakes With Lemon Remoulade
Potstickers With A Spicy Thai Sauce
Roasted Garlic Bruschetta
Stuffed Belgian Endive
Prosciutto Wrapped Melon
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp w/Manchego Cheese
Sundried Tomato Pesto w Sourdough
Satay Chicken Skewers
Mango Brie Quesadillas
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Antipasto Display
Roasted Garlic Spread w/ Ciabatta
Monterey Mini Chicken Quesadillas
Shrimp in Pomegranate Sauce
Beef or Chicken Empanadas
Roasted Pepper,Olives and Cheese Display
Italian Stuffed Mushrooms


Asian Sesame Salad
Tuscan Pasta Salad
Spring Mix w/Strawberry Vinaigrette
Greek Salad w/ Feta
Ice Berg Wedge Salad
Antipasto Salad
Summer Potato Salad
South American Potato Salad
Thai Noodle Salad
Classic Caesar
Strawberry Feta Spring Mix
Candied Pecans w Rasp Vinaigrette
Tomato Cucumber Artichoke Salad
Mexican Caesar Salad
Dill Salmon Salad
Grilled Chicken Caesar
Mango and Avocado ( seasonal)
Southwest Chicken Salad


Au Gratin Cheddar Potatoes
Parmesan Potato Wedges
Cumin and Garlic Potatoes
Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Garlic Dill Roasted Potatoes
Potatoes Parmentier
Wild Rice Pilaf
Cilantro Rice
Lemon Rice Pilaf
Asian Fried Rice
Ocra Fried Rice
Coconut Rice
Cuban Black Beans
Chow Mein
Fried Corn with Pimentos
Southern Potato Salad
Spanish Rice


Gorgonzola Cream
Basil Pesto
Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
Olive Oil And Garlic
Puttanesca w/olives & Capers
Pasta Primavera
Scallops With Lemon Butter
Scampi Dolce Vita
Penne al Vodka
Spicy Sausage and Basil Tomato
Baked Lasagna Classico
MIzithra Linguini
Penne Arrabiata


Lemon Picatta w/Capers
Chicken Madeira
Sweet Marsala w/Mushrooms
Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken
Countryside Coq Au Van
Chicken Cacciatore
White Wine w/ Sauteed Mushrooms
Cuban Pollo Asado
Chicken Fajitas
Arroz con Pollo
Southern BBQ Chicken
Chimichurri Chicken
Creamy Curry Chicken
Belizean Chicken w/ Rice
Southern Fried Chicken
Thai Chicken w/ Basil
Vermouth Chicken w/ Capers
Garlic Parsley Chicken


Mexican Barbacoa
Cuban Ropa Vieja
Beef Tips Bourguignon
Sliced Roast Beef in Au Jus
Beef Chile Colorado
South American Beef Stew
Spicy Meatballs In Tomato Sauce
Beef Teriyaki Kabobs
Mushroom Burgundy Tri Tip
Southern BBQ Tri Tip
Carne Asada
Steak Fajitas
Dijon Skirt Steak
Argentine Asado
NY Grilled Steak
Flank Steak with Asian Marinade
Chef Carved Prime Rib
Filet Medallions in a Cabernet Sauce
Tenderloin Tournedos


Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon
Sage Butter Baked Trout
Halibut in a Key Lime Sauce
Butter Baked Salmon on Cedar Planks
Sea Bass Filets In A Tea Leaf Package
Halibut w/ Peppers And Coconut Milk
Chili·encrusted Sea Scallops
Salmon In Mango And Ginger Sauce
King Prawns In Coconut and Nut Creme
Shrimp In A Cilantro Tomato Sauce
Lemon Pepper Halibut
Baked Sea Bass With Coconut
Tilapia w/ a Dill Sauce
Miso Ginger Marinated Salmon


Pork Tenderloin In A Maple Sauce
Chinese Sesame Pork Ribs
Cuban Pulled Pork
Baked Ham w/ Citrus Apricot Reduction
Hawaiian Sweet Pork
Southern BBQ Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs in a Jack Daniels Glaze
Argentiniean Pork Bondiola
Honey Sliced Ham


Grilled Italian Vegetables
Garlic Lemon Asparagus
Oven Roasted Sugar Snaps
Sauteed Parmesan Zuchinni
Italian Squash w / Marinara Sauce
Sauteed Mushrooms in White Wine
Butter Broccoli Florettes
Green Beans Almondine
Asian Stir Fry Vegetables
Cheddar Broccoli
Hawaiian Peas and Water Chestnuts
Maple Glazed Carrots
Cashew Topped Asparagus
Grilled Seasoned Broccoli and Carrots
Collared Greens
Grilled Corn and Pimentos


Pinenut Pesto Lasagne
Stuffed Manicotti
Eggplant Stuffed w/ Wild Rice
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Grilled Veggie Cheddar Quesadillas
Spinach and Cheese Empanadas
Cheese Enchiladas with Colorado Sauce
Baked Zitti
Asparagus Enchiladas
Eggplant Parmigiana
3 Cheese Raviolis


Creamy Potato
Tuscan Sausage and Potato
Shrimp And Salmon Bisque
Broccoli and Cheddar
Maine Clam Chowder
South American Guizo
Beef and Tomato Stew
Creamy Chicken Scallion


Cucumber Dip
Carribean Shrimp Dip
Santa Fe Corn And Black Bean Salsa
Stuffed Gouda Cheese
Fire Feta Hummus
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus


Raspberry Crumble Squares
Asian Pears Ginger Sauce
Fruit Tarts
Sorbets And Gelatos
Chocolate Dipped Fruits
Chocolate Satin Truffles
Assorted Cookies
Seasonal Fruits And Berries
Caramel Crumble Bars
Lemon Bars
NY Cheesecake