Northridge Lee Hall

The Lee Hall in Northridge is a perfect venue for any kind of event. This banquet hall is spacious and clean, and boasts seating for parties ranging anywhere from 100-300 guests. There is a stage, automatic screen for slideshows , handicap access, a private bathroom for the event’s host, a HUGE private parking lot , and tall, wide windows giving glimpses to the outside..

Also in the fireside lounge, this is where the head table is usually seated, and has a cozy fireplace and carpeted area. Cakes and gift tables are also usually seated in this area. Right across the hall are the guest bathrooms. Fully equipped with AC and heating, this area is a charming part of the appeal of the Lee Hall!

Bella Donna Catering – Northridge Lee Hall
10400 Zelzah Ave
Los Angeles, CA